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CFMA Awards
Winner of Accordionist of the Year 2006

Winner of Male Vocalist of the Year 2006
Winner of Female Vocalist of the Year 2006
Winner of Song of the Year "Ma Petite Femme" 2006
Nominated for Best Recording of the Year 2006
Nominated for Peoples Choice Award 2006

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LEE BENOIT - accordions, vocals, harmony vocals,
acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar and drums

VALERIE BENOIT - vocals and harmony vocals

MARK HEBERT - fiddle


AL BERARD - fiddle, mandolin, acoustic and electric


MAEGEN BENOIT - harmony vocals, scrubboard and
petit fer

LORRAINE GROS - petit fer

CARLENE BERARD - petit fer


©2005 Old Man Records
506 Southeastern Ave, Rayne, Louisiana 70578
(337) 581-3309

  1. Ma Petite Femme
      My Little Woman

  2. Un Pays Oh Si Loin
      A Land Oh So Far

  3. Allons Danser Colinda
      Letís Dance Colinda

  4. J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte
      I Passed In Front Of Your Door

  5. Deux Pas De l'Irlande
      Ireland Two Step

  6. La Vieille Memere Par La Fenetre
      The Old Grandma By The Window

  7. Allons Aller Marier
      Letís Get Married

  8. Cidalise

  9. Le Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme
      The Old Drunkard And His Woman

10. La Valse Du Bayou Teche
      Bayou Teche Waltz

11. Joyeux

12. Mon Amour Est Morte
      My Love One Is Dead