Lee Benoit had spinal surgery on December 13th 2017. It was an extensive procedure and it may take up to 4 months before he can play music again according to the team from the The NeuroMedical Center in Baton Rouge. We have different musicians replacing him according to their availability during this healing period for Lee. Please call (337) 581-3309 to see who's taking his place on the particular night if you plan on attending. As you can see, the band has cut back quite a bit from our normal schedule. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers during the lost of our 5 year old grandson, Xander and the severe injuries to his mother, Maegen and our daughter-in-law, Rosemary due to a catastrophic accident on September 26th, 2017 with an 18 wheeler on I 10.

Schedule is subject to change. Please call (337) 581-3309 if you are traveling far.
Thanks and God Bless